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About Bloomberg Nexi

In early 2017 we partnered with Vidyo Inc. to create a custom video-conferencing web app for Bloomberg, called Nexi. Our design and development team collaborated closely with Vidyo’s product management team to create a pixel-perfect client application that accommodates for all Bloomberg’s requirements.

Nexi is based on Vidyo's white-label Neo app, a Windows/Mac desktop application for video conferencing which is built with Chromium. Neo has since been rebranded as VidyoConnect, a brand name which now aligns all Vidyo's clients on mobile, web and desktop. Our role was to customize VidyoConnect to fit the Bloomberg brand identity and functional requirements. Special attention was given to hardening the client authentication mechanisms to ensure both increased security and simpler sign-in flow for the user.

Nexi has taken off at Bloomberg. In the first three months of the deployment Nexi users have logged more than 25 million video conferencing minutes! Those 25 million minutes were comprised of 600,000+ video calls that were 15 minutes or longer with a minimum 3 participants. And the best part? Bloomberg does not need a dedicated video conferencing support staff – all Nexi calls are initiated by individual users, on a desktop, smartphone or in one of Bloomberg’s 850 conference rooms around the world.