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VidyoMobile - Team Collaboration

VidyoMobile is a team collaboration mobile app for iOS and Android. At the heart of the app is the video chat functionality, which provides robust HD video conferencing capabilities, ranging from a two to hundreds of partifipants. During 2016 and 2017 we worked closely with Vidyo Inc. to design and develop this enterprise app as a simple and fully customizable solution for teams.

Our focus in the design of VidyoMobile was to provide rich in-conference user experience and seamless integration with the enterprise environment, including scheduling video chats on your calendar, sending/receiving meeting invitations via email, active directory, chat, screen sharing and more. The combination of all these integrations into a single, simple to use app was critical for reaching the right target audience.

Video conferencing

Behind the simple user experience hides a very versatile app which integrates seamlessly into your workflow. For example, the app will launch and join a video meeting when you click an invite link in Mail app or Calendar meeting. This works not only from your mobile phone, but also on your desktop and tablet. Joining as a guest does not require any authentication, so guests outside the enterprise can join too.

VidyoMobile also provides authenticated access to team members. Once signed-in, your contacts and calendars are syncted and the app automatically identifies callers, displays calendar meetings and schedules new video meetings into your preferred calendar.


VidyoMobile is part of a family of products that live within Vidyo's ecosystem. This ecosystem supports multiple devices - desktops, tablets and mobile phones - and facilitates team collaboration anywhere, any time.

If you're considering adding video chat capabilities to your app or service, check out our VidyoCore mobile framework, which we created as a follow up to this project. VidyoCore simplifies the integration of Vidyo stack into your mobile app and minimizes the development effort.


In 2017 Vidyo launched VidyoConnect, the successor of VidyoMobile, which is based on Vidyo Neo. The two apps still live side by side at the time of writing.