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Mobile Tiqets to Culture and Entertainment

In 2016 TNW named Tiqets as the fastest growing Dutch startup after its revenues grew by over 2000% in a 2 year period. In 2017 Tiqets chose 100grams as their mobile development partner to help bring their iOS and Android apps to the market.

Tiqets offers a very simple concept: purchase your tickets via the mobile app and skip the lines at the venue. The mobile app features dozens of venues such as museums, tourist attractions and cultural events in over 30 cities around the world. Once installed, you can browse venues nearby or select a specific city from the list. Ordering is done in 3 simple steps and the tickets are stored on your device and/or forwarded to your email. All purchased tickets are available off-line so no internet connection is required when you're at the venue.

In addition to buying tickets, you will find curated travel recommendations, reviews and tips, including city guides with information about public transport, local currency, language and more.

An intuitive purchase flow allows users to easily navigate the event listing, select an appropriate date and ticket type. Checkout is swift with integrations to both Facebook and Google allowing for customer information to be passed to further speed up the check-out process.

Payment provides access to iDeal (common in the Netherlands) along with all major credit cards and PayPal. Once the payment is authorised you can choose to receive your ticket via email, SMS or directly to the app in the form of a unique QR code. QR codes are stored in a local wallet and when presented at the venue entry point are scanned by users using a range of laser-jacket scanning solutions.

Integration to the venue is via an API which passes allocation information from Tiqets to the venue and visa versa. The API validates the allocation at the venue is held in a restriction which the venue manger will ring-fence for Tiqets and other affiliates using the venue management system.

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